Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rocket Scientist Costume

At four and half, our son finally moved past his train obsession and is now fixated on all things space and has plans to be rocket engineer when he grows up. Specifically, he wants to work in mission control for the International Space Station. (I have no idea how he has managed to learn so much about careers in aerospace already!). 

This summer when we were in the Netherlands, I saw the cutest astronaut costume, but when I asked D about it, he said, "No Mommy, I don't want to be an astronaut. Astronauts can die burning up in the atmosphere, and I'm your safety boy." I can't argue with that logic. Rocket scientist it is!

I started with this lab coat. 
Product Details
Kids Lab Coat (<--Affiliate link)
He was very excited when I brought it out for him to try on.

The taped-up glasses are similar to these (<--afilliate link)

I wish the lab coat was a little thicker. It's so thin that it's nearly sheer. But, I'm sure D will still enjoy playing scientist in it for a  few years. I did want to customize it a bit, and it was a perfect opportunity to try making an iron on patch. I used Purple Chimp Print & Iron Cotton Fabric Sheets that I bought at Joann with a coupon.

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The lab coat pocket is a 4" square, so I made the patch 3.25" h x 2.75" w. I found the NASA logo online and used Jenna Sue for his name and Bambi Bold for "mission control" as it was the closest I could find to the real NASA font, which I suspect is custom. 

I definitely recommend printing on regular paper first because my file changed sizes on me, so I wasted a page. But I was able to use it to good use. 

The right size iron-on was super easy to do. Just place...

And iron for 15 seconds.

Isn't he cute?

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  1. Oh my gosh he's super cute in that costume, and I really love his Big Bang Theory shirt underneath! Pinning this, and thanks so much for sharing it at my link party!

  2. You little guy is adorable. Cute and clever costume that looks perfect for a budding mission controller. Thanks for linking up with us and helping to make our link party a success.

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

  3. What a clever idea! I LOVE the expression on your son's face! Priceless. Pinning to my DIY Costumes Board.

  4. A fabulous costume!!! Clever idea to add the iron on patch.

  5. What a clever idea! I LOVE the expression on your son's face! Priceless. Pinning to my DIY Costumes Boardrocket league boost


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