Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We sold the previous house...

When do you start building your new house? Some people wait until the previous house is sold, others keep both and rent it out. We landed in the middle and started about 3 months into having our house on the market. We were fortunate that four months later we actually sold the previous house.

The previous house was a beautiful house, only 7 years old and truly move-in ready but not condusive to my wife's TBI. We did a lot of work to stage it and all the comments on the house were extremely positive. However, it still took - get ready for this - 55 (yes, fifty-five) showings before we finally got the offer.

Once you have the right buyer however things go quickly, we got the first offer at noon and 3 rounds of negotiations later we agreed on a price only 10 hours later. We closed on the house on December 12 and were out of the house two days later. Since the dream house isn't yet done we are now staying in an apartment as the proud owners of only 1 house!

And to tell you the truth... the real estate market is for the dogs! We're done, we've got our dream house... Print this post

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