Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trim Progress

After selecting our appliances yesterday, we couldn't help ourselves from stopping by the house to see the day's progress.

The first thing we saw is that the ramps for our front sidewalk have been completed.

As part of our universal design plans, we wanted to make sure that we can host guests with mobility challenges, as well as be prepared in case one of us has mobility issues in the future. Our front walk is sloped upward, and now, if needed, we can put the ramps in quickly. 

My pantry door was installed yesterday. I had hoped for a swinging door for hands-free, but the option I liked was more than I could cost justify. We will need to discuss with our GC about having the door swing out, though, because there's an appliance shelf on the inside that I don't want to be hit by the door. We shall see.

I love the door itself, though. It's 36" wide, and the frosted glass will let a good amount of light into the pantry. And since I love vinyl art from Uppercase Living, I ordered "eet smakelijk" to put on the door. ("Eet smakelijk" is roughly the Dutch equivalent to the French "bon appetit."

Chris, from Hollywood Wood Shop,continues to work on our fireplace. We are so thrilled with how the surround turned out. Now he's working on the molding above it. He made the frame I had in mind, as seen sitting on the mantle below. The top horizontal piece will be level with the horizontal lines of the prairie windows. When Niels saw it, he thought it would be nice to frame the whole thing in to mimic the lines of the fireplace.

The other bit of progress came with the mudroom lockers. The idea is to have three open lockers, and one shoe closet. As a shoes-off family, we keep all our shoes near the door. We'll keep our regular shoes in a baskets under our locker, and the closet will house the off-season shoes and (future) puppy products. Our cabinet maker, Joe, will make a door that matches our kitchen cabinets, and we'll hang a mirror on the inside of the door for last minute hair checks.

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