Friday, December 30, 2011

Pantry Problems

Last month, I posted about our pantry plans. Today, I discovered that there's a reason why the pros make the big bucks. We wanted to save some money on the pantry as I learned how it will function best. In other words, before I invested a LOT of money on built-in cabinetry, I wanted to see if I could re-purpose some things I already owned. Then I found some clearance items to fill in the gaps. I used some software to make sure everything fit, which it mostly did:

Apparently, I measured the frame, and not the drywalled (actual) size because my shelves do not fit as well as they did in my mind.

Hard to get the full 9' to show that the three shelves fit, but there's a little bit of space to the right. If the one on the left is flush to the wall, the fourth shelf blocks a third of the right shelf. I think the easy solution there is that I take out the fourth shelf because I love the wall of shelves for my bulk items.

The next issue is that the two dressers I bought, which are supposed to be the same height, are actually about an 1/8 of an inch different. II was planning to put a butcher block top on the two to make them look like one piece of furniture, but now I'm not sure.
Also, while the total length is a bit wide to reach everything in the tall bookshelf, I can live with it as a temporary solution. I'm not sure yet what to do about this. We may end up using these in the basement for D's toys and go back to the original Ikea Varde shelf I considered. We'll see what the budget says... I really want the appliance shelf, it just might take a little longer to get it how I want it. Thanks okay, I've got the rest of my life to figure it out.

Once the fourth shelf is removed, there will be plenty of room for the upright freezer.

Sigh. No one ever said that building a house was easy. Print this post

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