Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Build Day 30: Up on the roof top

The only physical work done on the house this week was started--and completed--today. The shingles were put on the roof. 

Originally we were hoping to be able to incorporate an Energy Star shingle (e.g. CertainTeed Landmark Solaris) but that didn't work out with the schedule and are now using the regular CertainTeed designer-series Landmark

However, since we are not in the deep south, the effect on the temperature under the roof won't be too dramatic, especially not with an R-50+ insulation in the attic... 

Here's a look at the shingle install:

View from the driveway around 10 am.
From the back yard.
No way I'm letting Niels up that high!
Making good progress on the front.
5pm and it's all done.

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