Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Build - Day 37 - August 17, 2011

Today was the day we had almost all of our subs coming through the house measuring, marking and installing.
Kitchen - Cleanup island marking
  • First up was the electrician for lights, switches, outlets and network cabling. 
  • Second was our cabinet maker measuring and marking for all the cabinets in the whole house, including the kitchen. 
  • Third up was the plumber who not only measured but also started installing some of the plumbing. 
  • Last but not least our door supplier came by to mark for the doors, including such a simple question as which way a door should swing.
Marking for the switches
The walk-through also revealed a few - minor - things that needed to be adjusted for all aspects of the house to work correctly. Here is the change log for today:
  • Kitchen: Clean-up island will be 48" away from the prep island to allow the dishwasher to open as well as have the ability for the opposing drawers to fully extend at the same time.
  • Kitchen: Added additional can lights for more light.
  • Main floor laudry: added 10" of depth to allow the washer and dryer to fit while creating room for shelving / peg-board on the inside of the laundry doors.
  • In-law closet: reduced size to accommodate the laundry expansion, moving the door to keep room for shelving.
  • In-law bath: re-frame the shower area down from 78" (for a custom tile shower) to a 60" for a fiberglass inset. Creating shelving in the now freed-up 15" (18" minus framing). 
  • 2nd floor laundry: swap the layout from the 4th bedroom wall to the outside wall to reduce noise.
  • Master bath: decided to go with a 6ft tub versus a 5ft tub. We know that is not so 'green' but we won't use it every day so we're going to allow this one... ;-) 
Tomorrow most of the framing changes will be done, as well as the trim-down of the fireplace framing that was decided last week. They also delivered pocket doors today so those might go in as well tomorrow.

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