Friday, August 5, 2011

Cleaning Up

The decisions are coming fast and furiously now. Yesterday and today's agenda included shower and tub fixtures.

D's room was easy. We went with a standard Aker by Maax shower/tub kit. It will be very nice to have a standard tub in our family bath. Our current one is only a shower, which made bathing our toddler interesting at times!
Standard 60" shower/bath kit.

In our room, we have a 60" shower with bench, also by Aker by Maax. We opted against the tile showers that are so popular right now because 1) I'm not a fan of cleaning grout lines, 2) it's much more expensive, and not a cost we want to spend, 3) if we do want to upgrade later on, it won't be very difficult to do. This is the same fixture I had in my townhouse, and I look forward to not having to do acrobatics every time I try to shave my legs!
60" Shower with bench.
For the tub, we chose a nice big 60" soaker tub with jets. We have only one tub in our current house, a big honking triangle shaped Jacuzzi tub. The jets are nice, but the thing is a bear to fill and clean. This choice is still a splurge, but a more reasonable one. At this time, I'm not sure if will be 32" or 42" wide, but I know we'll like the rectangular shape much better!
60" x 42" soaker tub with jets
The originally plan for the in-law bath was to have a custom shower that a wheelchair could wheel in, if needed. While we are keeping universal design in mind, in reality, this much-less-expensive option will work just fine for our current needs: our parents visiting, and bench seating for anyone recovering from surgery or broken bones when going upstairs might be more difficult. Niels found this 60" shower with adjustable bench late in the game or else we might have done this for our bathroom as well. I love the extra niches!
60" shower with movable bench.
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