Sunday, June 12, 2011

Status Update - June 12, 2011

Not much change from last week.
  • Still waiting for our final plans so we can file for the permits. We expect that the plans will be finished tomorrow.
  • We did have 3 showings on our current house this week, so we're praying fervently for an offer.
  • Daniel continues to ask to see the new house every day. We are really just blown away by our new neighbors. Every evening that we stop by, we see garage doors open and the kids playing together. It's such a cool thing to know that when we move in, we'll already know everyone and Daniel will already have friends.
  • We have an appointment with a counter and cabinet company on Friday. It's really hard for me (Jen) to visualize this most important room, so I'll be grateful to have something to see.
A few pictures of D at the lot on a gorgeous day:
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