Monday, June 13, 2011

The kitchen

Tonight we've been looking at our kitchen design and made an 'artist impression' of what we want our kitchen to like like while keeping in mind the magic number '6'. Kitchen cabinets basically come in increments of 6 if you want to avoid custom cabinetry, in18/24/30/36" (and 33 for 27" ovens).

We already know which appliances we want, the countertop, the faucets, the type of sink, the wood type, the hardware and the color but we weren't sure about the lay-out. So, with the 'permit plans' in hand we went to work and came up with the design below. It's not to scale, but does show a good impression of what we are looking for.

Our little impression of the kitchen...
In order to make it work we probably want to extend the backwall about 1 foot to house the wall ovens. We looked at putting them next to each other in the island, but like the placement in the impression above better. On Friday we'll see if this will all be possible (remember that peskly little thing called 'budget'...). Oh, the bar-counter will be a little wider so we can use it as an extra eating area, not just a place to put your glass.

Note: the Command Center is not shown here. Maybe we'll be add that later, maybe not... ;-) Print this post

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