Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 2017 One Monthly Goal

Hello June! Summer is upon us and I'm looking ahead to three months of toting the kiddo to fun camps, volunteering to help our school close down our current location and prep the new building for fall, and our first trip back to the Netherlands in four years! This time we're bringing my mom and aunt for their first trip to Europe. So with all that, I'm keeping my expectations low on the quilting front.

I've had two fails this year in my One Monthly Goals. In April, I didn't quite finish my ladybug quilt. In fact, it's still waiting to be quilted. And last month was just an epic failure with the Quilt.Which.Would.Not.Be.Made. My broken foot is still broken so I'm finding I need to keep it elevated more than I'd like, but I do NOT want to bring the boot to Europe.

So what's staring at me on my to do queue

  • Lainey's Ladybug: must.quilt.this.quilt
  • Stella's quilt: O my stars. Need to get going on this one.
  • Pixelated Brutus. Once I forgive him for being a hot mess, I will start over. 
  • Dutch twist quilt
  • Dutch baby
  • Weighted blanket for Niels
  • Charity quilt: campers
  • Wedding quilts: design quilts for J&T and E&J. 
  • Bee Hive 2017: complete June block
  • Milky Way Quilt along: complete June block
  • Hexies: total of 100 
  • Start free motion practice blocks
  • Aldi quarter keeper
  • Recover cushions for new school
  • Make second magnetic fidget 
  • Sketch out rocket blanket
  • car poncho
  • make a sewing apron
One Monthly Goal is...

A weighted blanket for Niels. He has been very patient as I've made projects for everyone else. Plus, those beads are taking up a lot of room!

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  1. You'll make it happen this month! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.


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