Sunday, December 11, 2016

En Provence Clue 3

Well friends, I did it. I survived our craziest week of the year. A week ago, I wasn't sure if I would!

Let's recap.


I sliced my finger, got stiches, and was in horrible pain.

But it was the night before Sinterklaas and since the good holy man needs a little help with his work here in the States. Since I could not finish the gevulde speculaas (stuffed gingerbread bars) I started, Niels got to play nursemaid and baker. The day also involved making goodie bags and supervising our little guy as he created a Google slides presentation for his class.

Monday: Sinterklaas!

Niels and I went to our son's school for the 4th Sinterklaas in a row. This was the first year that he did the presentation and Q&A by himself, and he did an awesome job!

Later, during dinner, there was a loud knock on our door. Sinterklaas had delivered a bag of goodies! Oh how we hold in our hurt when we reward is seeing happy faces like this.

By the time our son happily went to bed, the pain in my finger had gotten intolerable. After a pointless few calls to our teledoc, we were sent back to the ER (for another $300 donation) for x-rays and some good drugs.


Despite not getting home until 3, our shoes still managed to get filled with goodies.

As for the rest of the day, I blissfully slept through it all.


Back to the land of the living. I went to the hand surgeon for a follow up on my hand. There was so concern that maybe I cut my bone or a tendon. The good news is that I didn't. The bad news is that with my brain injury, my brain freaks out with any nerve pain and that what was going on. It would let up eventually, but not yet.

I was sent over to the OT, who made this cute little fingertip cast for me. Then it was back to the land of the drugged out.


At some point in the week, my son cuddled with me and sweetly asked if I would still be making him a birthday shirt for him. I had one day to get it done.

I was really nervous to make the first cut. And then my cast was a bit cumbersome.

Friday: My baby turned 8!

Balloons (tied with a new finger). Presents (wrapped by hubby). Dinner and cake and games (oh my!) enjoyed with our university students.

Also on Friday? Clue 3 was posted for Quiltville's En Provence Mystery Quilt! Alas, I had no time or energy to do anything but admire my pretty purples.

Saturday: Time to party!
Another busy day. Picking up the party cake. Out for lunch. And then my son's birthday party. 

His friends made him the best cards. I love the friendships he has made with this awesome group of boys and girls. And I am beyond proud that instead of accepting gifts for himself, he collected donations for the refugee resettlement agency we support.

Sunday: a much-needed day of rest.

I started the day with a little too much rest. We overslept and missed church. After all the joy and pain of this week, I think God understands what I needed most.

Once I finally drug myself out of bed, I re-discovered this room!

I was very relieved that this week we were back to four patches. I still need to finish clue 2, but I will wait until my stitches are out or those triangles. Plus, purple makes me happy.

Several people suggested I wear a klutz glove from now on. I actually bought one after the last time I sliced my finger, but I found I didn't like the way it felt so I stopped wearing it. However, since I don't need to wear my splint anymore, I found a new use for it.

And I found a way to make sure I don't forget to use it.

Fingers protected, I was a purple four patch making machine!

And done! 

And now, if you don't mind, I am hoping for a nice quiet week ahead!

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You can also follow me on Instagram at de Jong Dream House. To see more pictures of this quilt in progress, look for #djdhenprovence.

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  1. I love the wonderful assortment of fabrics in your 4-patches. I'm glad your finger is progressing satisfactorily; that was a frightful accident.

  2. Wow, what a week! Happy birthday to your son. Using your splint like that is a great idea. I have just missed cutting myself a couple of times this week when I've been too tired to sew - it's easy to do. Hope the pain is subsiding by now!

  3. fantastisch hoor, dat je het allemaal hebt kunnen doen!

  4. Please so have that nice quiet week! Glad you still got that stitching done. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday! !


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