Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ikea Quilt Ladder

Even before I started quilting, I have loved the feeling of something cozy on my legs when I am sitting down. Whether reading, watching TV, working on my computer, or snuggling with my boys, I just love to have that extra layer covering me. 

Of course, once I started quilting, I wanted to be able to enjoy my quilts, whether they were on my lap or not. I have been looking for display ideas for quite awhile.

If you've been following me for awhile, you may have seen the quilt display I have in my craft room

 It's just right for displaying quilts for photos, but not so convenient to hang quilts ready to use. So, I was off to the internet for inspiration. You can see all the ideas I found on my Pinterest board, but here are few of my favorites:

Molly from The Nesting Game repurposed the railing from her front porch into a metal quilt ladder.

I really like the look this extra wide wood and copper quilt rack by Debbie at Ideal Stitches. (Click the link to see what it looks like filled with quilts!)

Woodworks by Brooks sells this swinging arm quilt holder that reminds me a larger, wood version of the IKEA Gruntal towel holders that I use in several places in my house.

Speaking of IKEA, we were in visiting out not-quite-neighborhood IKEA (two hours away), when I saw the IVAR side unit.

It comes in several sizes, starting at 12" x 49" (with 3 rungs) for $8, and going all the way up to 20" x 89" (which 5 rungs) for $20, which is what we bought.

It's only available in untreated solid pine, so it cost a little bit more (under $4) for a can of spray paint to get the white glossy look I wanted.

The large size is just right for our tall great room. The quilts I have on it now have all been made by friends and family. I keep giving the ones I make away! 

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