Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Quilt Display

Here's a first peek at the quilt I made for Niels to celebrate his American citizenship. Blog post to come. 
I'm so excited about my latest project! As this winter has gone on and on and on, I've been having a hard time finding a good way to photograph my finished quilts. Even if I could get outside, we don't have a clothesline, fence, or deck on which to hang my finished quilts. 

Inside, most of my walls are filled with gallery walls, like our son's growing up gallery right outside my craft room:

I was sitting in my craft room the other day pondering my dilemma and wishing a had a big blank wall in my craft room because it has such great natural light. The door to my closet was open and I had my ah-ha moment.

This picture was taken months ago when I first converted our spare room into my craft room. It was much more crowded and messy when I had my big idea.
I've been wanting to get rid of the pole and shelf in the closet because I want to use the Expedit shelving instead. But, because I'm in the middle of a really big project I will be telling you about next month, we hadn't made time to do it yet. 

So I called Niels and asked if we could work on a project when he got home. When he said yes, I emptied out the closet. 

This is the rod and bracket system our builder put in. You can find similar ones at the big box stores.

I am so blessed to have a hubby willing to help with my projects. 

 It took awhile to figure out how to remove the brackets because the screws were hidden. But my hubby is smart and figured it out.

It didn't take long at all to move the shelf up above the closet door.

Other than buying a new bit for Niels' drill, our only cost was a pack of ring clips.

Ready to buy some more Expedits before they are no longer available. (NOOOOOO!!!!)

I think we will have an Ikea run this weekend to buy two more 2x2 Expedits.

In the meantime, this will have to do. (By the way, you can get a peek at how I organize my rulers on the inside of the door to the right). 

Fortunately, I can close the door...and put up a quilt!!!

This is a queen-size quilt top I just finished. With the project mess and my big craft table,  I couldn't quite see the whole thing, but most quilts I make are not nearly this big.

The clips work perfectly.

Most quilts I made are the size of my very first quilt.

This is the other queen-size quilt I just finished. I can get the whole quilt if I stand to the side. 

The shelf makes a nice place for bolts of backing fabric and batting.

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  1. Fantabulous idea! I bet you could also hang a piece of batting or a flannel sheet there and use it to mock up and arrange your quilts. What do you think?

    1. I actually added another pole that is flush with the doors and hung batting for a display wall. It worked pretty well, except for where the door handle protrude. Just recently I moved the whole thing to the laundry room (the room next door) and it works well. Plus it makes me move a little more, which is good for my FitBit step count!


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