Saturday, May 18, 2013

Home Again!

After two weeks in Orlando, we are very happy to be back at the dream house! Niels had back-to-back conferences, so Marissa, D, and I had lots of time to explore the non-Mouse attractions in Florida. One of the absolute highlights of our trip was spending the day at my blogger buddy, Lauren's beautiful lake house. You can read her version of our craft day adventure on her blog, The Thinking Closet. Here we are meeting for the first time and picking out supplies.

I am very happy to report that the amazing Lauren has cured me of my fear of my Cameo. In fact, she helped me with not one, but two projects! Here's a sneak peak at what I made for our space-obsessed son in preparation for our trip to the Kennedy Space Center. 

And here's a peek at my updated version of a project that needs a little updating.

I look forward to sharing these tutorials, plus some of my favorite projects of Lauren' the near future!

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  1. We're honored that you took a day to visit our non-Mouse house! (Lol.) Hope you can enjoy some down-time decompressing back at the dream house. Send our greetings to your sweet family (Marissa included).

    The Thinking Closet

    1. It seems I took a little more time to decompress since we've been home. Back to blogging I go!

  2. Wow! Such gorgeous photos you've taken! Thanks for the like. I'm headed over to return the favor!


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