Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blogs We Love

Pardon our mess if it looks a little sloppy around here these day. We're working on a few things and there may be a few coding bugs while we're playing around.

Our newest tweak is a button you'll see on the left side column that looks like this:

There are so many great blogs out there that inspire us. We started to have a blogroll, but it would take up the whole column. So if you're stuck inside on a rainy or snowy day, we invite you take a peek at some of the blogs we like to follow

What are some of your favorite DIY/green living/home decor/clean eating/home building/organization/parenting/fitness sites?
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  1. Well... it's nothing fancy like yours, but I keep one about our house build. I've found it hard to upkeep sometimes with all of the insanity going on in our world, but when I finally get around to posting, I feel the catharsis that comes after having written:) I haven't really been able to find any other current blogs on people documenting their builds.(!)

    It's twobyfourlife.com

    Love your blog - lots of goodies here:)

    1. I saw your other post. I'm glad you noticed your inclusion on the list!

  2. Ahhhh! I'm on your "blogs we love" list?! Holy awesome-sauce, Batman. Thanks, Jen! You are such a dear.


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