Sunday, June 17, 2012

We have shrubbery!

Thursday was a big day here at the dream house. Our shrubbery went in! (My computer bit the dust on Friday morning, thus the delay. It took my miracle worker in-home tech guy three days to raise it from the virus death!). And on with the show...

Our landscaper did a fantastic job selecting plants that bring out the colors of our stone, and are also low-maintenance. Take a look.

I love that we were able to bring our angel with us. She reminds us of our lost babies.

Keep in mind, we'll have more to do in the fall when the bulb perennials get planted, but at least the front of the house looks nice now. (And will look even nicer once the sod goes down tomorrow!)

Here's a closer look at the final selections for the front. 
Purple beech tree.
Pretty leaves of the purple beech tree. They really tie in well with our stone. 
Cone Boxwood. There are two of these on the right side of the front walk,  and one on the left.
Purple Sedum. There are two of these, one on each side of the walkway.
Blue Pacifica. There are three of these around the Purple Beech. They'll spread out a bit and cover the mulch area.
Fountain Grass. I wanted some ornamental grass. Our landscaper said this was the least "messy." We have two of these  in the walkway area, and one by our utility poles.
Inkberry bush. We have two of these to the left of the walkway.
Blue Star Juniper. We have three of these to the left of the walkway.
Golden Mop. We have five of these of the left side of the walkway.

Serviceberry. We only have one of these, because it'll grow quite large in the next few years.
In addition to the front walkway, we also have a little mulch and fountain grass around the utilities.

The last thing we did, with the help of our awesome neighbors, was seed and straw that back yard.

We're very grateful for today's rain because our area is currently in a drought. We probably lost a bit of grass in the back where we seem to have a wind vortex, but we're thinking that will be a nice place for some wildflowers. 

One last photo of the house before the sod goes down tomorrow. We're saying prayers for more rain!

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