Monday, June 11, 2012

Landscaping Progress: Day 2

Day two of Operation Landscape included grading in the back yard and starting the rock wall around the egress window. It was slow, hard work for two guys, but thankfully, it was a cool, overcast day.

View from the back porch.
View from the back corner.
From the other side.
Rock Wall. 
I love how we were able to use the big rocks our neighbor gave us for the rock wall.
Making progress.
Our amazing neighbor has been helping with the landscaping. He'll be getting free babysitting for life.
End of the day. The egress wall is done, and our neighbor did a great job pinning down the landscaping fabric. We're using the good stuff, so we shouldn't have any weeds popping through here til D's in high school!
Our landscaper is also moving a drain pipe that was in front of the egress window. Since there's rain in the forecast, he used a few rocks for a temporary fix.
I turned over our landscaping wishlist today. He'll take it home and look it over and let us know what works and what won't. 

We're hoping for a little rain to settle the dirt. It's mighty dusty out. Of course, if we get too much rain, we'll be a little behind on our schedule. As long as the weather is nice, tomorrow's agenda will include more work on the wall and hopefully soil delivery.
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