Sunday, May 20, 2012

Landscaping: Before

Spring has definitely sprung, and our lawn in over run with natural vegetation. Since xeriscaping is not acceptable in our development, we have been patiently waiting our turn for our landscaper to get started. It looks like things will get started this week. It won't take much to make a big improvement, as shown below, in our "before" pictures.

Shall we take a tour?
The view from across the street.
Slightly to the right. Our rock pile is hidden by weeds.

Beyond the rocks, the right side of the house is pretty sandy.
Same side of the house from the back porch.
View from the back of the lot. 
View from the other side of the lot.
I'm thinking of putting my composter and raised garden under the dining room window.
We're thinking of letting this little area have wildflowers.
Coming back to the front. The really tall weeds to the right are on the neighboring lot.
Future home of our tulip garden.
Almost looks like a lawn, right?

A few highlights:
I have a few clusters of Red Clover. Nice that I already have my purple foliage.

All the thistles have congregated along the side of the driveway.
Still waging war each day with the bird who insists that our newspaper bin should be his home.
Our very sad tree needs some TLC. Good thing our spigots are being installed next week so we can finally water it.
If you look very carefully, you might even find some grass in this collection by the sidewalk.
Stay tuned for the big "after" reveal.

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