Monday, May 7, 2012

Checkin' In

We are finally home from our trip out west to see my mom and gramma in Arizona, and Niels' conference in Las Vegas. I took lots of pictures of projects to post from the road, but our trip was a comedy of errors with a sick hubby, sick kiddo, very sick Gramma, my mom running over her foot, D's severe dog allergic being proven true, his first bee sting, and me learning a very important lesson about wearing a long dress in hot weather.

Once we adjust back to our own time zone, I'll be back to posting. In the meantime, we were very happy to receive our April gas bill, which was even less than last month! We used only 0.9 MCF for the month. Compare that to 4.8 MCF used last year in our old house that was half the size. Total bill: $25.52 Print this post

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