Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kitchen Pendant Puzzle Solved!

We're in the midst of trim work at the new house. I've updated my facebook album, but we're a little behind on here because my health has been pretty rough for the last few months. I've enjoyed a few good days recently, at least as far as the pain goes, but my vision is still giving me trouble, so photo editing has been slow.

I do want to make a quick post about our kitchen pendants, though. Yesterday, we decided to stop at Whitmer Lighting in Akron to take a look at lights. I had been drooling over all sorts of fun things on Pinterest, but when we saw these Fizz pendants by ET2, Niels pulled the trigger. I never would have found these online because they are tricky to photograph, but in real life, they are just stunning. Here are few photos we took:

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