Saturday, October 15, 2011

Build - Day ### - October 15, 2011

We haven't posted a lot recently mainly due to a lack of time in decision making processes, travel and health issues, but the progress on the house has not slowed down.

Since our last post the walls have been dry-walled and primed, the ceilings have been finished and all the electrical and plumbing is in as well. Next week we'll have regular power in the house as well and can say goodbye to the temporary pole in the front yard. Oh yeah, the drive way has also been poured, the furnace installed and with the installation of the glass block windows in the basement the building envelop is now sealed.

The items that haven't progressed much have been around cabinets and flooring. The quotes we've gotten were close to double the allowances so some soul searching and cost cutting methods had to be applied. We are very close in finalizing all of those items now though. We'll meet one last time with our kitchen cabinet supplier on Monday so he can get started and we'll meet with the supplier of the rest of the cabinets early next week.
Next Thursday morning we'll also meet with our 'trim guy', the master carpenter who will put the finishing touches on  the walls, windows and door openings.

So, here are a couple of pictures of the build as it stands this week.

Back-porch with the stone columns
Basement window, our manor stone and the back-filled electrical connector.
The walk way to the front door is elevated to one step only. A simple, removable one-step high ramp will be created  later to give us wheelchair access.
Good shot of the front of the house with more of the manor stone and the driveway.
Back-porch with the beautiful fall colors in the background.
Rainy day, but good shot of the house.
Close-up of our manor stone selection.
From the kitchen into the great room. More indoor pics to follow.

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