Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Keeping Time with Our Family Around the World

command center clocks

Our command center has been organized and put to good use since we moved in back in February 2012. But one aspect has been unfinished: our clocks.

A few months before we moved into our new house, I had the idea of putting up four clocks in our new command center, to represent the time zones in which my mom, my dad, Niels' parents, and we live. 

While we were still in our little apartment, I bought four modern clocks at Target and added a name of each location on each clock with foam letters. I loved the way it looked.

I brought the clocks to the house and found the perfect place for them above our command center.

My boxed clocks were on display when I posted about organizing the command center, and can now be seen on Pinterest. And sadly, the clocks stayed in their boxes for many, many months after we moved in. (Seriously, how long does it take to put in batteries!)

Finally, after about six months after we moved in, and I was in the middle of my photo gallery phrase, I climbed up to free the clocks from their boxes. (Sounds like I've been reading Dr. Seuss!) And...

The batteries kept dying! I was so disappointed! I love Target and their products, but these clocks are totally battery eaters. After replacing the batteries several times--after only a few days use each--we ignored them for awhile.

Then, in May, I found these fun clocks at Ikea. 

This time we took them out of their boxes right away, put in batteries and hung them up! (Pardon the space shuttle. It was in time out.)

It took me awhile to figure out how to label the clocks. The ceilings are ten feet high, so using vinyl would be pretty dangerous for me. And I couldn't mark the clocks itself without losing the impact of the map image I liked so well. 

Then inspiration hit when I was doing a little paint touch up.

We have a lot of paint sticks left over from the build, so it was a pretty cheap project. I painted the sticks the same color as the wall, Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay.

I used black felt sticker letters like these (<--Amazon affiliate link) that I bought at Joann with a coupon.

I checked them out on our weekly calendar magnets before climbing up on the command center. 

I used washi tape for a quick cosmetic fix to the clock hands.

Once again I turned to my trusty Command strips to hang up the labels.

I kept the home clock green.

Done! And it only took 21 months!

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  1. I have to try the Washi Tape on the hands of my clock. I can't see them for anything. So frustrating. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Love this idea. We have family all over the world and it's hard to remember how many hours ahead of us they are.

  3. Love this idea- now I wish I had more family scattered around the globe so I could do this too! hanks for sharing at the Foodies and Crafties Soiree!


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