Saturday, November 26, 2011

Build progress - Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day, America!

Now that the cranberry sauce is wiped off our faces it's time to get back to reality... Well, we never even got that far. The current house is a packing zone so no time or space to prepare anything remotely looking like a Thanksgiving dinner. Driving around town shows us that our town is simply closed. Nothing is open on Turkey Day, not even Pizza or other fast food chains. Ended up at Denny's to at least up the calorie count.

For the house on Black Friday I did armrest shopping on the same device used to write this post. Actually scored a GPS for my wife for getting around town in the apartment which is 20min away and 2 Waste King L8000 garbage disposals all for a very good price. I think the disposals might even be covered by our allowance for it.

Also updated the house picture with a shot taken at Thanksgiving Day. Starting to look like the Dream is becoming reality. Back to the other reality of packing up the current house. Print this post

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