Thursday, September 20, 2018

Quilt #19 :: Patriotic Plus

Time for another throwback quilt that I haven't shared before. I made this quilt in August of 2014. My local quilt group, Piecemakers, was collecting quilts for veterans so I came up with this design. 

The most memorable part of making this quilt is that it was the first time (yes, that's right, first) time I sliced off part of my finger with my rotary cutter. I got to walk around with a Mickey Mouse finger for a few days.

It's pretty fun to see how my craft room has changed in the last four years. From this picture, I can tell that my thread holder has changed to a bigger one in a new location, the top of my craft table is now a (bigger) piece of bowling alley, I have a larger cutting mat,  I have a shelf and printer in that corner, and I have a new sewing table and machine.

We live in a growing neighborhood. You can see our immediate neighbor's house was still being built, and now there is a whole street of houses behind the blue house in the background!

I hadn't yet developed my system of hanging quilts on a rod on the back porch, so I just had one silly helper. "Show me the back side."


  1. What a fun patriotic quilt! I love the corner flag blocks.

  2. Your helper showing you the back of the quilt made me laugh! It's a beautiful quilt - fun to revisit your earlier finishes!

  3. I do love patriotic quilts! Knock on wood, I haven't whacked my finger with the rotary cutter yet. It looks and sounds painful :( It's so much fun to journey with you and take a look at quilts from your quilty past.

  4. Look at the size of that gauze! I hope your finger heals quickly. Ouch! (And the quilt is pretty cool, too.)

  5. Look at the wing span on your quilt holder! He can hold some big quilts! :) Sorry about your finger - I hope it heals quickly! Thanks for linking to Main Crush Monday!

  6. Love your quilt!! But so sorry about the cutting mishap - I haven't done that one yet (knock on wood), but I have sewn through my finger. Hope you heal fast!

  7. Ha! I love the photo of the "backside". Makes me smile. Lovely patriotic quilt! Worth showing off on Wednesday Wait Loss. Thank you!


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