Thursday, December 14, 2017

PEI Modern Quilt Guild Mystery 2017: Clue 4

Another month is flying by! Clue 4 of the PEI Modern Quilt Guild mystery was fun to make. I love the precision of paper piecing, especially when it is made of nice easy blocks like these.

The mystery continues through April, so I'm thinking I may need to buy some yardage of my favorite Anne of Green Gables prints. I started with a layer cake and my options are dwindling! 

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  1. Love your units!!! May I suggest you don't go too crazy buying more fabric.(unless you want an excuse to have lots more, lol)

  2. Wow! Love your choice of fabrics! Those Anne of Green Gables prints are beautiful! I really like that you can see the characters riding in a wagon :) I can't wait until next month's clue is released!


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