Wednesday, December 13, 2017

#92, #93, and #94: Cards 'n' Cowboys Quilts

Winter has arrived here in Ohio and it is the incentive I needed to finish my December One Monthly Goal: quilting these three Cards 'n' Cowboys quilts I made for #quiltsforvegas. I will be sending them to the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild, who will be distributing them, along with many, many others to those affected by the shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017.

I had already starting to think of design ideas before the Las Vegas MQG put out the call for quilts.  I couldn't get the idea of cards and cowboys out of my head. It seemed like a meaningful way to combine the location of the shooting with the country music the victims were intending to enjoy at the concert that night.

The Las Vegas MQG requested quilts using grayscale blocks by Cluck Cluck Sew, and at least one of her heart blocks. Here are just a few of the creative ways quilters have put these blocks together.

Clockwise from top right: Alissa Lapinksy, who worked tirelessly on the Quilts for Pulse drive,  Kirkenoll Quilts from the Little House, and Red Letter Quilts
It was easy to adjust my pattern to fit the guidelines. 

I planned to use a traditional card trick block. It's been one I've wanted to make for awhile. But I decided to make it with squared and rectangles instead of half square triangles and quarter square triangles.

The boot design came from Debra Clutter Designs.  I had to adjust the size a bit, and they came together nicely.

I ended up making three quilts because I made three quilts for Quilts for Harvey. Two of the quilts are in patriotic colors, the third uses scraps from the Western Scrabble I made my mom a few years ago.

I love when my scraps can turn into something beautiful. 

It's a little hard to see, but I used my standby spiral quilting on all three quilts.

For the label I did something a little different. Rather than printing on printable fabric, I used freezer paper to stabilize solid white fabric that I printed on my inkjet printer. I used Steam a Steam 2 as the stabilizer because it is much softer than the printable fabric and the label is no longer rough.

I hope these quilts bring comfort to those who receive them, and I pray that our nation will find a way to reduce these senseless acts of terrorism.

As of this posting, the Las Vegas MQG is still accepting quilts, blocks, and monetary donations. If you are so inclined, please visit their website for more information. 

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  1. Absolutely spectacular! You are so compassionate and also have great follow-through. Inspirational!


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