Monday, December 19, 2011

Non-kitchen cabinet unboxed

A little confusion as to which cabinet pieces were going where in the house led us to stop by and (re-)arrange the cabinets in a room-by-room manner to avoid confusion when our trim guy starts installing...hopefully tomorrow.

These are Merillat Classic cabinets - Tolani (Shaker) style with Kona (Espresso) stain. They are not quite the same quality as the kitchen cabinets, but they are a great value. Especially since they will be used maybe twice a day...

Here is the run-down of the non-kitchen cabinets:
Master Bath room vanity setup with two 30" sink bases and an 18" drawer bank. We'll have so much more room that we did in our last bathroom (3 drawers) and our apartment (no drawers!) 
D's bathroom vanity has a stack of three drawers, then an open sink cab, then another stack of three drawers, and then a tall linen closet. There's another tall linen closet shown here next to D's. That will go in the in-law bath, along with the custom ADA vanity.
Natural maple for the upstairs laundry room. The top drawer will be a fold-out ironing board. The tall board (sort of) represents the four open slots for laundry baskets. The stacked washer and dryer will be on the other side of that.

The cabinet on the left is the 36" powder room vanity. For contrast, the 30" MBR vanity unit on the right.  
As mentioned before, the Merillat Classic cabinets are not quite the same quality as the kitchen cabinets. The last two pictures will show you the difference between Amish-build custom cabinets, versus (lower-end) stock cabinets...

The stock...
The custom...

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  1. The natural maple ones are looking nice, i also have such kind of cabinets in the guest room of my house.


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