Monday, June 20, 2011

Kitchen design - new twist

So we thought we had the kitchen design all ready and then we saw a house during a Parade of Homes with a kitchen featuring a double island versus our more traditional U-shape kitchen (albeit without all the upper cabinets in the 2nd part of U you saw in the 80's).

The advantages of the double island versus the U-shape is the additional access into and out of the kitchen around the second island. It creates extra room for people to gather and makes for shorter walks by the cook to the dining area. One other not too little advantage is by losing some of the cabinets and countertop space your cost is going to be a little lower too since you're using less material.

The disadvantage is that you lose some lower cabinets and coutertop space so your lay-out is going to look different.
U-shape design
So, there we have our little question of the day, should we a) go with the double island design and sacrifice the cabinet space knowing we still have a 10x10 pantry, have a well defined cleaning zone and save some money in the process or should we b) go with the more uniform look of the U-shape and have additional space outside of our paltry little pantry?
Double island design

Writing it out like this makes the analyst brain of mine pretty much conclude that the double island design makes more sense.

So, we can now go back to our kitchen designers and tell 'm they can redo their quotes and designs...

Oh the joys of building a custom home and an analytical brain... ;-)

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